About us


For years my heart whispered to leave the road of life I was on and take another path. In August 2014, during a peaceful moment in nature, all the doubts I had disappeared and my decision was suddenly clear. My destination: India, my purpose: to learn about Ayurveda for three months, my inner impulse: to let life happen. After eight years in Marketing / Market Research in a large globally active enterprise I was ready to go for new, still unknown horizons. On this journey I met Pascal with whom I share the love for life and the connection to all living beings. I combined the knowledge about Ayurveda I learned in India with a one-year course about Polarity Therapy in Germany. My vision for Les Prés de Ponteau : « Create spaces for well-being ».  A motto from William Arthur Ward which touches me: It’s impossible, says pride. It’s risky, says experience. It’s pointless, says reason. Try, whispers the heart.


Swiss French, inspired by the wide open space of the deserts and the oceans, serious when it comes to details but crazy once on a horse, free-minded builder, I decided in August 2014 to resign from my engineering job in the nautical industry in order to train in Ayurvedic therapies and thereafter to concretize a childhood vision: to transform a farm into a peaceful home for humans and horses full of harmony, a place where to meet, to listen, to share sincerely. Crossing paths with Sita in India made me tip over to this spiritual path towards beauty, simplicity (happy sobriety!) and true love. An aphorism supports me on this happy way: The chief enemy of creativity is rationality! (Pablo Picasso).