Horse Boarding


On our farm in the Landes, we provide our meadows for common pasture or individual grazing under optimum conditions:

  • Respect towards the wellbeing of our animal guests, the environment and the needs of the horse owner
  • The 7 hectares of meadows are naturally fertilized since years and the grass quality is excellent and rich on different herbs.
  • The sandy ground is nicely drained and free of big stones.
  • Common pasture or individual grazing possible
  • In addition to the open stable, some one hundred year old oaks give a refreshing shade in summer and bring protection from the west winds in winter.
  • New electrical fences are double secured by natural fences (hedges, mature trees).
  • 1 open stable with walls on 2 faces, sized 170m², with dry floor covered by fresh straw.
  • 1 open stable with walls on 3 faces, sized 35m², with dry floor covered by fresh straw.


  • 180.- € / month for individual grazing
  • 100.- € / month for common pasture (subject to compatibility)

* Rates include shelter, water, pasture and hay at will. We offer additional services on demand (horse’s massage, food supplements, particular care…) – please talk to us.

In order to preserve the quality of our meadows we limit the boarding to 5 horses.

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