Our approach


Our horse boarding aims at the best mental and physical balance of our equine guests in order to make their stays, whatever the duration, as natural as it can be! Les Près de Ponteau is a horse boarding which respects the wellbeing of our animal guests and protects its environment.

We understand a horse as a soulful being whom we treat with respect whether he is your daily working partner, a friend to play or to travel with, a sports champion, a four legged coach, a soul’s mirror, a teacher in self-awareness, a companion to reconnect yourself with nature or simply a warm being who teaches you the relevance of touch as therapy…

At this point we would like to refer to the following to persons, on whose theories we base our approach:

– For a synthesis of ethological perceptions, the excellent website of Ronan : Horsmanship.

– For a view both respectful and elegant, the School of Lightness (Ecole de la Légèreté) by the genius Philippe Karl.

Into the wild