Sita and I have, for a long time, drawn inspiration from travelling in many different parts of the world, meeting people and exploring their cultures and the environment they live in. After an intense trip to India full of inner discoveries we decided to share our love for this earth and all its living creatures by opening the doors of Les Près de Ponteau.

Les Près de Ponteau is a welcoming house where one can share, listen and meet, a home filled with harmony and peace, a place full of spirituality and respect for humans, animals and the environment. In our country cottage, everyone will have the opportunity to discover its own vital energy, to find calmness, to enjoy the silence, to breathe the pure air of the forests of Les Landes and to take the time to be!

Our philosophy gets inspiration from Yoga and Ayurveda, our guides in the daily life. We hope you will experience precious moments at our place which help you to reconnect your inner self and to live life in the moment.